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Rising singer-songwriter Haven is gearing up to captivate audiences once again with her new EP, "Cataclysmic." Following the success of her recent EP "I Write Music For Those Who've Never Been in Love" and the hyperpop single "Don't Wake Me Up," Haven continues to explore the intricate tapestry of emotions associated with love in her music. Except this time, completely abandoning the pop scene.

In a recent interview, Haven shared her artistic philosophy, stating, "Pain is healed only through art." This perspective shines through in her latest releases, where Haven fearlessly delves into the complexities of healing the scars from her past, offering a fresh and unique take on the universal theme.

Currently based in New York, Haven is pushing the boundaries of her musicality with the new EP. Titled "Cataclysmic," the collection seeks to understand the nuances of the mind. Haven explores how one can be so full of life and happy after overcoming difficult challenges, yet still crave the past that was filled with pain. She reflects on missing and longing for youth and the time that came with it, coping with the ideas of aging, and finding beauty in every situation. The EP "Cataclysmic" hosts singer-songwriter tones along with new age pop references, showcasing Haven's desire to break free from the conventional and truly demonstrate her writing talent, often imbued with hidden meanings.

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Pink Sugar

The Sounds of HAVEN

Turning Pain Into Art

There are many ways to describe Haven: unique, talented and charismatic. Above all, Haven is real. She sings honestly and from the soul, combining art, story and song in perfect unison.

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Haven's new EP - "I Write Music For Those Who've Never Been In Love"

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Enter the world where music is medicine and your heart is the connection through which the mind reconciles. "I write Music..." is just a glimpse into the vulnerability one brings into new connections and the insight gained from the obstacles that come from it. Learning to love yourself how you are, love yourself despite how human you are and the faults that come with that. Join Haven in this alternative pop music scape and where you can choose to vibe or to feel deeply.

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